Vincent Dauce @eXorus

Quality Assurance Director at OpenClassrooms

5 years ago I built my own temporary email service and I became the primary maintainer of the php-mail-mime-parser library with more than 500k installs. As an expert in testing, I used my platform in different corporations for both manual and automated testing to easily check content of the emails. I personally use this library to protect my email address so that it is impossible to track on the web.
Today it is time for me to make MailCare available as SaaS.

QA Teams

Use the API to retrieve and check emails, access the web interface with Selenium and to test manually. I provide an extension for the Codeception framework but you may use it with any framework or language, it's open-source.


Unlimited number of inbox and unlimited number of emails received. MailCare will automatically remove old emails depending on the size of the inbox.

Disposable Email

Do not give your real email address to website, all inboxes exist and are public. You just have to use them.


When I receive a bill by email, I back it up to a shared folder like DropBox or OwnCloud or I call an API... When I receive photos, I save it on my favorite cloud. Give order to your email [email protected] will accept 1 time one email and refused the others, so nice for download link send.


When using the same email [email protected] to create multiple accounts on the internet it is very easy for advertisers to target you. If you have an account with website A and visit website B without an account, website B may still be able to gather your information from website A if they both use the same advertising service. Doesn't this scare you?
50GB Shared Storage
API Access
Monthly Premium
25GB Dedicated Storage
API Access
Automation (Filter incoming email and trigger action)
Use your own domain
Priority customer support
Yearly Premium
25GB Dedicated Storage
API Access
Automation (Filter incoming email and trigger action)
Use your own domain
Priority customer support
* If you need a custom plan please contact [email protected].

Price transparency, how much doest it cost ?

Premium offer starting at €10 per month because:

  • 🏠 50%: Hosting
  • 🇫🇷 25%: French Tax
  • 🤑 20%: Net Profit
  • 💳 5%: Payment Fee

What is disposable email ?

Disposable email addressing sets up a different, unique email address for every sender/recipient combination. It operates most usefully in scenarios where someone may sell or release an email address to spam lists or to other unscrupulous entities. Read more

No password to access to my emails on the free plan

Yes, this is the disposable email, so anyone can access any email. These are not "your" emails. If you want more protection you can buy the Premium Plan to add extra security for all inboxes (IP access or Master password).

How do I know which emails I can use

All emails on the domain are accepted: [email protected] You don't need to create them, you can just use it and access your emails.

I don't understand how it works

There's no need to signup. Try now with the Free Plan and check all of the emails that you want.

Is it the best solution to protect against spam?

Yes, for sure. If one day [email protected] received a lot of spam, I know for sure that this bad website is the source of my leaked address. I can stop emails from being received on [email protected] and keep my real email address safe.

What did you build?

I built 2 components- php-mail-mime-parser and webmail. The first component is a PHP library that parses incoming emails behind the interface of a mail server like Postfix, after which I can store emails on any database. The second component is a web interface that shows emails.

Great product, but feature X is missing

No problem, the product is open-source so feel free to contribute!

Go to the Roadmap issues and create a new issue